“The kind of writing that matters most to me is something you don’t learn about…It’s constantly coming out of what I don’t know rather than what I do know. I find it as I go…You’re always beginning again.”

—W.S. Merwin

Why Work with a Writing Coach?

  • Coaching is learning tailored for you personally. As a professionally trained coach, I offer you a level of listening and reflection that can lead you to see through your blind spots (what you don’t know) and make sustainable changes in your writing and your life. As a developmental writing coach, I'll read your weekly writing, offer useful feedback, challenge you when needed, and mentor and support you.

  • Writing doesn't happen in a vacuum, and goals aren’t achieved in a vacuum; they’re part of your whole-life process. You will become someone different as you move toward and achieve your writing goals, and a good coach can help you master those transitions. When your writing and other commitments are at odds, I enjoy assisting you to find appropriate ways to bring them into harmony. 

  • You’ll get things done. We’ll work together to set realistic goals, and I’ll be there consistently throughout your process.

  • We’ll engage with your curiosity, draw out and discuss your ideas, and practice to develop your writing craft as you find your voice. 

  • Coaching includes not only regularly scheduled coaching sessions, but email support and, when needed, short laser coaching in between regular sessions.

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Daily Writing Journal

It’s simple and effective. Becoming aware of what you do can have exponential benefits if you want to change habits, expand creativity, and experience success. Take only a few minutes at the end of your working day to reflect on the outcomes and feel the results. Try it!

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I combine information about writing well with thoughts about how to enhance creativity, move past issues that block you, and stay aware of your process. I'll also share relevant ideas that cross my path. I appreciate feedback and interaction in the interest of building community

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Free 6-Day Class

This class is designed to give you a refreshing look at your writing practice, enable you to write every day, and assess your writing with honesty and non-judgment.


“A book by a woman, a book that began up close, on the heart’s porch, was a treat, an exhilaration...”
—Lorrie Moore

A few words about working with women who write to make a difference...

Making a difference is not a trivial pursuit, but neither is it a belief-based directive that you have to strive to live up to. It can be as simple as wanting to produce content that puts a smile on readers’ faces, or as complex as working for a cause that you care deeply about—bottom line, it’s about caring about what you transmit into the world. I see it as a way to live authentically from the inside out-- for you, it’s a process of self-discovery that will never end, expressed through your writing. On its face it's simple but not necessarily easy. There will be stumbles, challenges, outright failures, restarts, and of course, successes.

My natural clients are women midlife and beyond who have lived long enough to have experience and have gained some wisdom from life’s inevitable successes and failures. There’s a time in midlife when most of us are drawn to reassess if we’re where we want to be, doing what we’ve always wanted to do, and living the life we’ve always wanted to live. In my early 40s I stepped away from climbing the corporate ladder, simplified my lifestyle, took a three-year break from “serious work”, and then went back to college for two years to get my teaching certification, something I had wanted for over 25 years.

Whatever kind of writing you do—essays, fiction, blogging, business writing, or something else—I invite you to journey with me to develop more confidence as a writer, and to make your voice heard in whatever ways you wish. Two good places to start are the Daily Writing Journal and the Free Writing Class, both available above on this page. They’re designed to take you through a process of self-discovery, to establish where you are right now with your writing, and to start to determine how working with me as your coach may be a good option for you. If you’re interested in skipping the free stuff and scheduling a free discovery call with me now, click HERE to schedule it. If you have any questions, use the contact form below the scheduling button, and I’ll respond.