Testimonials are the heart of "after the fact." If clients haven't achieved the transformation they are looking for, then we haven't fully realized the possibilities of coaching. Below are testimonials from some of the wonderful people I've had the privilege to coach and to learn from. It goes both ways, you know. 

 Susan thanks for all your "words", notes, blank pages to fill, and instructions on filling them correctly. You always succeed in encouraging me. You gently prod me forward. I'd never have gotten this far without your love, care and assistance.

Jane H.

Working with Susan has been an amazing and empowering experience, I was able to complete my writing project while I did a profound healing and transformational process. She is kind, caring and powerful and has an integrative approach to writing. She has great skills and a lot of experience in coaching for writing; she was able to see exactly what I needed to work,  in order to achieve my goals. I totally recommend working with her. 

Alexandra M.

Susan was consistently supportive and helped me open to my vision as a storyteller, clear and open to my every stage. I now have this passion enlivened in my life. I am so grateful for the work we did. As I reflect on where I am now, I see the building blocks we worked were so important.

Karla F.

There are many things I could tell you about my time with Susan. I could speak of what an intuitive listener she is or tell you the value I’ve received in my life as a writer, as well as in my personal awareness. Whether listening to my written stories, or my life stories, Susan’s insight has added a deeper level of knowing. Mostly, when I think of my time with Susan, an image of my life in Cuenca, Ecuador comes to mind. What I love most about attending Mass in the New Cathedral is that moment when all the children come forward to receive a blessing from the priest. That’s the image I hold every time I leave my time with Susan. A feeling that I have been in a holy place and been blessed.

Joss B.

Susan is very professional and knowledgeable in her approach to coaching. You can tell that she believes in the process of coaching just by the way that she lays out the plan of action. She leads you through the beginning by asking you a series of questions that gets you thinking specifically about how you want to approach your coaching session. Then each week she recaps what the goal was and what happened during that week. Sometimes the goal is attained but sometimes the goal leads you in a different direction. That may not be a bad thing, and Susan is able to channel the process to either give you a new direction or guide you closer to the intended goal. I was very inspired by my coaching with Susan and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Lestra D.

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Through Working with Me You Can…

- Design a writing life that works for you by creating compelling intentions that naturally pull you in the direction you want to go

- Design your writing projects to write with more skill and confidence, meet goals, and receive feedback and support for continued growth

- Leave resistance behind and create meaningful change, both as a writer and in everyday life

- Embrace unexpected outcomes and use them to support your growth

- Generate ongoing, sustainable personal growth

- Discover time you thought you didn’t have